Carl Bromley – Christchurch Candidate

In October this year, everyone of voting age has the opportunity to vote for who they want to represent them on their local city or district council or unitary authority.  We have witnessed the infiltration of the nonsensical climate change political green agenda into our councils nationwide, to the point where too many councillors around the country want to spend ratepayers money on cycle lanes and removing car parks than focusing on the important infrastructure that is breaking down. This year’s local body elections are very important as it marks the beginning of positive change, as more and more people are waking up to idiocy that has been plaguing the councils around our nation. Enough is enough. So we’re going to profile people who understand and acknowledge that our country cannot continue the way it’s been going and are willing to step up and take a stand. Long may it continue.


Carl Bromley

Candidate for Mayor of Christchurch City and Council


Christchurch local Carl Bromley, 52, loves his city and loves his country. He’s a husband of 27 years to Melanie, and they have three adult children and three grandchildren. Carl is a New Zealand Registered Nurse, but non-practising. He has had a career spanning almost 30 years specialising as a Mental Health Specialist working across a variety of sectors, including acute Psychiatric Nursing, and Child, Adolescent, and Family secondary Mental health. Carl’s career culminated in private practice as a Clinical Therapist specialising in best practice models that address serious mental health issues.

All the while, over that time, he has served and continues to serve as an Ordained Baptist Pastor, a job that has grown over time and brought him closer to the plight of individuals. As Carl says, “I have walked with them in their darkest hours of brokenness.”

Carl is well-known in social media circles, with his YouTube channel Is It Just Me NZ attracting more than 5,000 followers. Carl is a leader and someone who is able to bring people together to achieve the city’s goals, one of which is to be the envy of every city in New Zealand.

What does that mean? Carl calls it “Giving Christchurch a High-Five!” A High-Five of policies:

  1. Empowering Christchurch To Thrive
  2. Freeing Christchurch To Choose
  3. Supporting Christchurch to Heal
  4. Leading Christchurch to Live
  5. Urging Christchurch to Unite

Carl has a small but dedicated team ready to campaign. If you want to know more, or are able to assist with his campaign – either by helping or donating – please contact him

“I look forward to hearing from you. I seek your support and your vote for a better Christchurch,” he says.

Vote Carl Bromley.

One Response

  1. Does that mean he would retract our climate commitments to the Global Covenant of Mayors?

    Does that mean he would renounce our guinea pig participation in the Rockfeller Resilient Cities program?

    Does it mean he will allow rate payers to have a say in whether we fund the new stadium?

    What about something simple like walking with my well behave dogs without having to leash them just to please some petty bureaucrat on a power trip?

    To me it looks like fancy words without content.

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