YIKES! More Dodgy Climate Change Data Exposed

By Mysteron. 

Dr Muriel Newman exposes dodgy data used by the International Panel of Climate Clowns, oops, on Climate Change (IPCC). The dodgy data is in turn used by our own climate clowns to formulate policy to screw us over.

Hmm, so methane isn’t as bad as was thought? Our policy wonks don’t care – there’s an agenda at play! Sea levels aren’t going to rise over a metre by 2100? Never mind – we’ll plan for it anyway.

The worst aspect of the climate emergency con game is the use of children as pawns. It takes a special kind of person to make a child fearful and anxious about their future, in order to turn them into a child soldier for the Krazy Klimate Kult.

Read Muriel Newman’s article here:

The Great Global Warming Awakening


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