Freedom Documentaries

We Came Here For Freedom

Produced by Henna Gaijin in association with Operation People this two-part documentary is the other side of the story of the parliament occupation that the NZ government and media have desperately tried to stop from being heard.


Candlelight Productions NZ presents ‘Silenced’ – a documentary

Was a large chunk of the NZ population, including many experts bearing the sort of credentials we’d normally seek advice from, suddenly misled by ‘disinformation’, or were logical and fair arguments suppressed from participating in the public domain? Featuring veteran Broadcaster Peter Williams, GP of 40 years Dr Anne O’Reilly  and Sociologist Jodie Bruning.

River of Freedom

COMING SOON! We think ‘River of Freedom’ is a beautiful, genuine and important representation of the Feb 2022 Parliament Occupation that has otherwise been misconstrued and misrepresented in NZ’s mainstream media. If you agree you can donate here to enable this film to be completed and become an important part of New Zealand’s history.