Freedom isn’t on the end of a syringe

Freedom isn't on the end of a syringe

Regarding freedom, an acquaintance posted this on social media the other day:

A lot of people feel oppressed by lockdowns and vaccine mandates because this is the first time they are having to put the safety of others above their personal wishes. That’s not oppression, that’s compromise. Minority groups do it all the time. A small inconvenience that will save lives, including your own is not oppression, it is working together to ensure no one is left behind. Lock downs feel like oppression because you have never experienced real oppression.

It got me thinking. And my main thought was … what a load of neo-fascist BOLLOCKS. To me, a far greater threat to society than Covid-19 is a government grants themselves the power to:

  1. force you to put something in your body against your will,
  2. threaten to mandate you out of your job and livelihood if you don’t,
  3. scapegoat you for their locking up of the population, and
  4. override a fundamental human right to refuse medical treatment, let alone of the experimental kind (S11 NZ BORA).

“Not to be deprived of life” (s8 NZ BORA) is frequently used to challenge point number 4. “You’re cherry picking human rights!” they cry. Apart from the fact that a multi-therapeutic, multi-disciplinary solution never even got a look-in – as the government primed us to comply with their purported only solution of vaccination – have these people considered:

If the folks who are running the ‘vaccinate-or-else’ shitshow realise they can get away with dismantling one human right enshrined by law, then perhaps they might try for a few others in the future?

But I guess we can trust them to make those decisions for us when the time comes, right?

And before all of you in the self-ascribed morality-class start waving your “All-for-one and one-for-all” banners, need you be reminded:


So roll your sleeve down champ. You’re just enabling a government that seems to have turned into some sort of despotic, doom-spouting, katherine wheel to usher in a regime of control. And they’re threatening you with the lives of others to make you go along with it!

Although perhaps it should be considered ironic as this is indeed a war, but the enemy is not the virus. When Winston Churchill uttered the words, “Scientists should be on tap, not on top”, I fear he may have inadvertently inspired the next generation of burgeoning oligarchs with their almost fool-proof strategy: health-based radical collectivism. What better way to psychologically hoodwink billions of us into siding with the logic proposed by ‘almighty science’ – an esoteric body of knowledge inaccessible to most of us.

We have to rely on “what science tells us”, but NEWSFLASH – scientists are mere people, and as such, are ultimately as vulnerable to cognitive bias, persuasion, corruption and manipulation as the rest of us are. Trust ‘The Science’ is all very well, but in reality it is more like ‘trust the media’ who ‘trust the government’, which trusts the various world organisations and authorities who report ‘The Science’. And in that line-up, I’d guess cherry picking and confirmation-bias is abound.

So, to the author of the statement at the beginning of this piece, please try to take stock and reassess your views on what oppression actually is and can be.

This vaccination regime is no “small inconvenience” that a bunch of people don’t wish to take part in because they are callous and uncaring of others. I believe it’s quite the opposite. These people know that freedom isn’t on the end of a syringe that’s full of false promises. Perhaps you just can’t see history repeating itself because ‘The Science’ has all but blocked it out?

Updated 9/8/2022

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