Montana, USA, begins official push-back against globalist agenda

Montana fights globalism

We all know about Klaus Schwab’s so-called “Great Reset” as he uses the globally influential World Economic Forum (WEF) and his annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland, to order in a new world made in his image.

His meetings attract the rich and powerful as they fly into the mountain resort in their private jets and plot behind closed doors the next raft of rules and agendas to foist upon the corrupt United Nations (UN) and enslave an unwitting global populace.

As depressing as that might sound, we are ecstatic to read that a pushback against this globalist agenda has emerged from the Republican Party in the great American State of Montana.

Republicans there have the balance of power in the State Government and overwhelmingly adopted and unanimously supported two policies that remove any doubt Klaus’ Great Reset needs opposing.

Montana Republicans target National Sovereignty and Social Engineering. They have agreed:

  1. The Republican Party vehemently opposes all efforts by Foreign entities, whether the United Nations, World Economic Forum, or other Corporate organizations, to impose on the National Sovereignty of the United States in their pursuit of any form of Global Governance.


  1. We stand strongly against any government entity depositing public funds in any financial institutions that uses Environmental, Social Governance (ESG)or other Social Engineering criteria to discriminate against the Free Will of individuals or businesses. We vehemently oppose the establishment and utilization of any private or governmental systems that establishes the practices and practical use of a “social credit score”. We oppose surveillance stalking of American citizens who are not under any form of lawful investigation or subject to any open warrants. Lawful use of warrant-based surveillance obtained through courts as a result of reasonable probable cause may be used by law enforcement, but unrestricted monitoring of citizens’ movements and the storage and retaining of that data in any format constitutes “surveillance stalking” and violates an individual’s right to privacy.

Resistance Kiwi sincerely hopes that these well-articulated policies are absorbed into all State Republican Party policies, State Governments in the United States and put into Federal law.

All countries around the world are facing the same suffocation of individual rights and freedoms by the same circling global behemoths – the WEF, UN, the WHO and multi-national NGOs and wealthy European and US based foundations.

We have seen the WEF and UN ideas of centralisation infect our own small country as councils work to implement the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a local level. We sit in witness as the Labour Government increases the public service bureaucracy, tries to steal assets from local communities and put them into government-owned Soviet-style monoliths (such as the Three Waters proposal) and enforce on the population a co-governance that puts control into a small minority of racially appointed decision makers.

New Zealand is blindly walking into an era of Colonisation Mark III.

Does New Zealand have a political party prepared to make the same commitment to decentralisation and against social engineering?

Getting a party into Parliament and into power with these principles will help stop our country from being vacuumed into a global black hole of one-size-fits-all governance.

The pushback in Montana must be reinforced around the world, and we need to start here in New Zealand.

We must use the system to our advantage: the “State” is merely a vehicle; a car when driven by a drunk driver can result in death and pain; but sober drivers can get us to a preferred destination.’ Things are moving so fast we don’t have time to reinvent the wheel.

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  1. Dear Editor, great to see that you are now featuring editorials on current events , that MSM, refuses to cover, because it follows an opposing narrative. This is so sad to see, in our ‘new normal’ (abnormal)for most. New Zealand is at a critical point, in the direction of political future, for the best direction for our country. This government, has to be the worst government, and prime minister, that the country has ever had, showing herself to be a psychopathic liar, and is working for a foreign power, whom she serves. I feel we are at a most dangerous point, where very soon something, will have to give, the people are being divided more and more, which is part of the UN/WEF/NWO agenda, for world government, and the world police, fascist state which they are trying to enforce, on us by a whole lot of distractions, medical hoax, war, food shortages coming, and social debiting finance control system, which is the NEW RESET, run by Schwabb, Gates, and other billionaire, ‘slave controllers’ at the top of the food and money chain. We as a movement, have to ‘unite as one group’ united on the same cause.

  2. Please pray to God for America. We are in the fight of our lives. You will not (yet) see it in MSM, but the FBI action at Mar-a-Lago seems to be the kick-off of the realization that most all of our federal government has to go. I have already written my excellent Missouri Attorney General to let him know I have voluntarily left my job with the conscious realization that I will not be providing income tax data to the “government” shortly. The “government” (2020 was very, very obviously stolen/rigged so I don’t consider it legitimate on any level.) has opened our border. Drugs, human trafficking, etc. are now rampant there. Plus same “government” essentially grants instant “citizenship” with identifications and transport all over the nation provided. Shots(jabs) are maiming and killing here, but a lot of Christians seem to have known this was a genocidal move. Our military seems decimated, but the released soldiers might actually protect their communities, I hope. Personally, I know that every person that was a part of “government” and did not stand against mandates and for election integrity when it mattered will need to be put out of office and many should face speedy trial with appropriate punishment. To encourage: I am seeing that those who take a strong stand against the tyranny are experiencing favor from God. I was able to see the Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski speak in person on 9/20/21. He knew he faced arrest when he returned to Canada, but now has been completely vindicated in court. In US politics those who are standing with Trump and against the federal overreach are prevailing. Kari Lake of Arizona is running for Governor and says it is time to “FIRE” the Federal Government. Trump’s rallies still fill their venues and are watched via alternative live streams. Some legitimate news sources that were called “fake news” are getting attention as credible while the true fake news (CNN, Fox, etc) are losing viewers. The Epoch Times, founded by persecuted members of Falun Gong from China, has replaced the WSJ in our home and speaks truth even about the “shots”. Something big seems to be going on with our First Nations peoples who have historically been mistreated via broken treaties and previous genocide. May God richly bless the free people of earth.

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