Nelson Hospital Emergency Department Staff Speak Out

Nelson Hospital staff speak out

Resistance Kiwi interviewed two staff members from Nelson Hospital Emergency Department who speak out about their experiences following the NZ Government’s rollout of the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine.

Joanne and Fiona were both mandated out of their roles as ED admin staff after they decided not to take the Pfizer vaccine having witnessed a large number of, what they considered, abnormal events related to the vaccine.

Watch the video:

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  1. This was awesome. Thanks for speaking out Fiona and Joanne, and Resistance Kiwi!
    From a mandated out nurse.
    It does appear to seem as though that time in the future that a year ago I kept reassuring myself, would come, may be slowly creeping ever closer. We are going to have to be there for people as they awaken.

    1. On the 3rd of September last year I lined up and got the Pfizer jab 36 hours later was admitted to Emergency Dept of Dunedin Hospital with chest pain difficulty in breathing and heart bpm of 199. I was concerned that I would die. After every test imaginable and being stabilised I was discharged 7 hours later with a subscription for
      Beta blockers and blood thinners which I still need to be taking.The doctors at ED would not admit that I had been harmed by the vaccine.
      My Doctor applied for me to be exempt from the second jab but Ashley whats his name declined the exemption instead I was advised to have my second jab in a hospital setting so I could be resuscitated if it went wrong.
      I not being that stupid refused to get any further jabs of this poison so had to limit my activities for months to shopping for food or medical appointments.

      1. Sorry to hear of your adverse reactions Barry. Im glad you didnt take anymore.
        Please try taking some Chlorine Dioxide to rid your body of potential viral parasites in your system. Ive been using it for 20 years. It works and supposedly it works well for cleansing of the vax poison.
        God Bless.

      2. Hi Bruce, NZDSOS/Health Helpline is an alternative telehealth service available to anyone having health issues after the vac, or needing treatment for the virus, or experiencing “long c@vid” (it is also available for any person who is not wanting to see their GP for what ever reason).

  2. Thanks so much for speaking out. We need so many more to do the same. It is criminal that these doctors will not tell the truth about what they see with these patients. Are they being paid to shut the narrative up?. I think they are!. I hope this awakens a few more people.

    1. when high paying salaries depend upon their silence, silence is the result … I have fed my own Dr (s) literature on the issues and get nothing but being completely ignored as if there was no chance of my, small person as I am, in their minds, getting any visible traction on the issue of education. but try I must because I was “told by Spirit” to “tell others” …

  3. Thank you so much for speaking out! we need more people like you! The Doctors and Nurses who are going along with this are as bad as the Nazis! just doing my job! yeah right..

  4. I was Admin / Ward clerk at Neo Natal in Christchurch as we were mandated to do so to keep our jobs. I worked throughout all of the Covid lockdowns when Covid was apparently most dangerous. I had my first (and YTD only) vaccine, in-spite of not wanting it as I have a life history of severe drug allergies… so on advice, it was administered at ED under supervision by the CHCH immunologist. I suffered a severe vaccine allergy. Legs swelling up, varicose veins appearing and unable to sit or lie down for months due to severe pain. Unbelievably the hospital and the immunologist wanted me to have a second !!!! (Astra Zenica!!!). I too have lost my job and YTD there is NO support from ACC or any government agencies. With no income I have to pay for all of my medical appts and investigations. I now have no veins, some swelling, but ongoing pain and leg muscle spasms. YTD I have not contracted Covid. I CANT BELIEVE THIS TREATMENT… and how they have treated DHB staff..

    1. So sorry Sarah, pray you will get better soon! I have had my pension threatened and it would seem to be because I speak out about this govt. In facebook jail again for 29 days . I see on facebook another retired person having their pension stopped. Makes me wonder how many other ludicrous things this out of control govt. is doing to their people while fulling their bank accounts with money from the UN.

      1. Are you saying that because retired persons are speaking out on fb, that the super pension has been stopped????

    2. That is very sick!! Ultra unprofessional and an indication of the almost complete loss of moral substance.
      It will take time but injured people such as yourself will, eventually, be supported by guilt-ridden staff at these venues. They are just lacking courage at the moment!

    3. So sorry for the trauma you have been through and on going. It is not medicine, if it was anything else causing all these injuries , it would have been removed from the market long ago. So many pathologists worldwide are speaking out. I can’t believe the cognitive dissonance of many medical professionals. Hoping the right persons come along who can help you on your recovery. Two simple things you can do, switch to hardwired devices, don’t use wifi and drink tongariro wAter. And on a sunny day be outside.

  5. Thank you for speaking out. NZ needs more truths of the professional blindness, corruption and crimes against humanity that is happening in hospitals across New Zealand.

  6. I remember after an anti mandate protest march in ChCh last year Chantelle Baker interviewed a ChCh hospital ED nurse who said there were lots of patients coming into ED with heart problems after being vaccinated. This backs up what these 2 ladies are saying. One important fact not mentioned by them is the Medsafe approval process is 2 step and not 1 and its only the first step called “Provisional Approval” that has been passed so far.

    1. That was my daughter who was interviewed by Chantelle. She had just worked her last shift and is now not allowed to work. She is waiting to be called before the Medical council for discipline, because some people saw that interview and complained.

  7. I couldn’t access the video but WELL DONE nurses!! From an ex nurse who has been down rabbit holes, for years after being absolutely disdilliusuined by the Allopatheic medical practice model enslaving citizens, of the, western world, and beyond!!

  8. Thanks for your honesty, what you are saying breaks my heart , our country is in so much pain , it’s just so sad really , it is brutal ! God help out country and all of us

  9. I was admin at a medical centre (casual) and also for Physio, as well as a volunteer ambo. It would have been so easy for me to walk across the waiting room and get the jab. It just didn’t sit right with me – there was no medium to long term data to show safety or efficacy. I also have a nursing/science background. I did notice over the time of vaccine rollouts more nosebleeds especially in older people amongst other things.

  10. When the clot-shot rollout was in full swing, there was a large increase in ambulance sirens that could be heard from my house. From one or none per day is normal but it became something like 8 or 10 per day during rollout and on particular days of week during those months.

  11. My friend also died after the first Pfzier vaccination and had to be resuscitated. As she could not afford to lose her job she had to have the 2nd jab in hosptial in case she ‘died’ again. She really did not want the jab but was so scared of ending up homeless. They had a room set up in the hosptial for cases like this so obvioulsy this side effect of the jab is normalised within the medical profession.

  12. Thank you so much for your courage in speaking out. It is unbelievable how this can happen. Everyone needs to hear your story

  13. Well done ladies! We are insurance brokers in Auckland – Life, Medical, Income and Trauma insurance and have seen a large number of oddball health events in previously healthy clients, all proximate to the jab. Ranging from young to old, chest pains, tachycardia, rectal bleeding, strokes, new aggressive cancers, old cancers which have been happily in remission, suddenly exploding. Of course its just global warming or the clients are stressed or anxious… Insurers are paying claims without question and at this stage are not placing any restrictions on new policies, but premiums have gone up.

    1. Hi Richard,

      It would be really helpful if you would put that up on your website. Graphs of premiums over time, your personal analysis regarding possible reasons etc. The future will thank you. We need more people speaking out. The public is inundated with illogical and irrational messages.

      1. Excellent suggestion.
        One unseemly characteristic of the Pandemic is the distortion and disappearance of statistics.

      1. These women were the first to be met by people coming to the Emergency Department. As clearly stated in the video, their role was to record the reasons people were coming into the ED and enter the patients’ details into the hospital system. They were well aware of what was going on.

  14. I love the coment, ” it’s never wrong to tell the truth.” Same thing in Canada.
    From the west coast of BC, Canada

  15. My neighbour has had her blood pressure increase, plus other concerns, her husband ended up in hospital after his 2nd jab. Their brother had a mild “stroke”, and his g.p said it was probably because he had had covid…needless to sy he was double jabbed. I am so sick of the narrative, and the lies people are going for. WAKE UP. Thanks lovely ladies,I so appreciate you both. I live in Nelson and won’t go to the doctor or hospital. My brother had a massive brain injury 19 years ago due to an AVM, and his doctor advised him to get jabbed last year. Needless to say since then he has a surface brain bleed. More brain surgery, they are putting it down to him falling out of the shower, well of course he did, he had a brain bleed!!!!

  16. I live a couple of blocks away from Nelson hospital. Over summer ’21 and through till about maybe 2 months ago it felt like I was living in a war zone. The helicopters flying over our house and landing at the hospital were INSANE, I’ve lived in this house for 13 years and I can say it has NEVER been like that previous. We started counting but lost count. On one day it was SIX landing all through the day and night. At one point we started singing the M*A*S*H theme tune when ever one landed, we broke into song A LOT. Its not funny in any way but was a type of coping mechanism for what we were experiencing. The ambulances coming past our house seemed constant. Then the worst happened, a loved one was in one of those ambulances, rushed to ER with chest pain 3 days after the first shot. He was encouraged to get the second I just couldn’t believe it! He got it, and rushed to ER AGAIN. this time, he never recovered. Ended up being moved to cardiac unit at Wellington and having liters and liters of fluid drained from his heart. He died. Fortunately he made it home to transition after weeks of suffering and pain, with loved ones at his bed side. It was NEVER reported to Medsafe. I feel so traumatized by the last few months, like being in a really bad movie. I have training and 13 years in Natural health so was onto the false propaganda from the start. It wasn’t a serious disease for most people and the fear was unjustified in my mind. it was tracking below our normal seasonal respiratory illnesses. I had the time to read up on all the science coming out about the “shot” being incredibly dangerous. I’d offer people the information of the dangers, and be literally cut off from their lives. Ridiculed. Abused. Blanked. I desperately wanted to avoid my loved ones being harmed but it was like they were under a spell. And now I’ve experienced what I consider to be a manslaughter, and my mother now has a, what she calls, a “bad heart”, I’m preparing to loose her too, but will not accept she’s been duped and is actually a victim of what appears to be serious crime, harm, loss, death, at the hands of Pfizer, government and other corporations. So much harm its mind blowing. Thank you so much for speaking out you two brave women. I have heard from others that this was going on at Nelson Hospital, but this is the first interview and as such is groundbreaking and very important for our community to hear and process. There is a lot of healing to do. Our community is severely damaged, relationships have been broken, careers lost, and there is trauma in Nelson at every turn. This is the reality. Facing up to the truth and admitting there is a problem is the first step, figuring out how we can repair our community comes next. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

    1. Hello Lou, this is Lynda from The Health Forum NZ. We are an organisation that helps vaccine injured New Zealanders. We also (since the start) have been creating a confidential citizens database of post vaccine injury and death. If you would like to add the death of your loved one to our database, please email me at We also have nurses who help families make CARM reports, so if you would like one of our team to contact you to report this death to CARM, we can also do that. I am very sorry for your loss. This is our Facebook page…

      1. Lynda, thanks so much for all that you do. You are simply incredible. He’s is recorded on in the Citzens Data base, well he was when injured. I don’t think its been updated to death.

      2. Lynda, do have some idea of when the truth is going to be released to NZers regarding all the results of this fake vaxine? The criminality of those in power needs to be exposed to a lot more people, because people deserve the TRUTH of what is happening as too many are still too trusting, naive and innocent and trusting ‘the system’…especially the ‘one source of truth’…..

    2. Ohh Lou, you are writing my story.. i have lost so many family members and friends, who are completely brainwashed into thinking im a crazy conspiracy theorist. In reality I have 37 years of experience nursing my severely disabled daughter, spending years in and around hospitals, eventually training and working for Geneva as a hospital care assistant as well as temping in resthomes specialising in dementia. I have researched natural supplements and nutrition, fighting to get doctors to look at and approve, proving success as my daughter lived until she was 34, after being given three months. Pre covid people came to me for help and health support, now they won’t talk to me. Please know you are alone, and we are all speaking up along with you, to whoever will listen.

  17. I should add, Im not “allowed” to report to C*A*R*M by some of the family members as its not accepted as being jab related. I’m unsure what to do about that. I don’t have access to his medical records, and specific medical details. I’m sure there are a LOT of people in my position. I would love to perhaps talk to one of your nurses again. I will email. thankyou.

  18. Thank you so much Girls for having the courage to speak out. If only a few more could pluck up the courage to join you. Its outrages that the DHB’s can bleat about staff shortages when there are many staff out there they sacrificed because of this insane narrative.

  19. Thank you for speaking out. Globally the truth IS seeping out and will only continue to do so as more and more of us keep speaking truth, peacefully and with authenticity. Thank you!

  20. Hi
    Firstly, I’d like to say thanks to Joanne and Fiona for standing up and speaking out. I’d also used to work at NPH, I did ward rounds. The number of patients I talked to having had strokes 2-3 days after the vaccine was alarming. I met one lady who was fine before the vaccine but after had to have home help, and support to even walk. That was enough for me. I left rather than risk my life and health taking that death shot. Before I left I warned as many people as I could, until we were informed by management we were not to discuss the vaccine with patients.

  21. Also, report to NZDSOS ( NZ doctors speaking out with science) … they are a wonderful bunch and doing what they can.
    How Baker, Bloomfield, Hopkins, Ardern and that pink haired scientist woman can blatantly lie and reap huge dollars is beyond comprehension. Crimes against humanity will happen one day…it’s genocide.

  22. I agree with all the comments, with the exception of one, who seemed to think these ladies were not ‘qualified’ to comment. I disagree, frontline workers who saw and recorded everything. Thank you so much for your courage to speak out, many more will hopefully follow your lead. I was mandated out of my job, my Dr was not even applying for medical exemptions and I have a medical condition that I believe would make me a ‘patient’ if I had the jab. No one cared or listened and I know many others also suffered this ridiculous refusal for a medical exemption. I did my own independent research, right from the first lockdown and trusted my gut. Since then, I know many people who complied and who are constantly and repeatedly sick, some are up to their 4th jab. Sadly, NZ is fast becoming a very sick Nation with a failing health system. Slowly, many of those who took the jab, are thankfully, waking up, but also just as many who are not. Many thanks again ladies for your bravery. You, along with many of us who have tried, have done all you can to warn people.

  23. Thank you so much for your compassionate, honest humanity. I lived in Nelson at that time in an elevated position overlooking the main route between Stoke and the hospital. The increased frequency of ambulance callouts was obvious and commented upon by contacts even in Motueka. The health suffering is known yet some still live with the threat of dismissal hanging over them. That is not health.

  24. On Saturday 6th I attended Brian Tamaki’ March. There 2 reporters asked my friend and myself our reasons for protesting. Which we did at the finish they asked us how far we had come. We had exchanged first names. Sunday evening 8pm I stepped outside my house to the sound of a loud clattering noise over my house but could see nothing. It’s a long story. Monday I saw a large splurge of what I thought was duck poo on my window, went to wash it and it dissolved instantly. Water didn’t flow down naturally, weeds in path in front of it have since died or dieing.

  25. Just posted about my window but more still. The friend who was there with me at the March went out to her car on the Monday only to find her screen dotted with white spots. And white streaks down the bottom part of her car. It was as if something had come down, hit the car and then continued dribbling down. It had rained that night so it may have stuck on because of the wet. She has previously seen a plane go over her place back and forward leaving a white trail and she has supported the other marches which I hadn’t. We both prayed for God’s protection etc. BEWARE of their tactics.

    1. Lois, the g are targeting people. We are in a war zone. I’m not going to write what is being done to me. I have seen a post of an advertisement from g asking for people to surveil ordinary New Zealanders. I too did early research and determined the truth. Uk lawyer Anna de buisserit is retired from the army and I watched her interview where she shared she recognised early on all the signs of psychological warfare being used on the public. Her telegram channel is great. She quotes the law and is educating public. Mandates are unlawful. She confronts the police in uk with the law.

  26. Hi,
    I live in Lower Hutt. During the initial vaccine rollout for weeks and weeks I would hear an unusually large amount of sirens going through our neighbourhood. We may hear 1 or 2 per day, but this was up around the 7 to 10 mark. I commented several times to my family that this was possibly related to the the vaccine, but was met with ‘thats conspiracy talk’. To me it was obvious that the number of callous was way above normal levels. Its not until someone experiences the impact of a loved one/close friend that they start to see what’s going on, but it shouldn’t have to come to that. We need the general public to wake up and wake up fast before further mandates are imposed.

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