‘Safe and Effective’ claims by Government were overstated – Cranmer

According to Cranmer’s report, at the time of roll-out in early 2021, the New Zealand government overstated Medsafe’s safety assessment of the Pfizer vaccine to the NZ public. In fact it appears Medsafe found significant gaps in the data, as supplied by Pfizer.

These were:

  • duration of protection,
  • protection against severe disease,
  • disease transmission
  • long-term safety

Medsafe reported to the NZ government that the benefit/risk balance was not clear from the trial data provided by Pfizer and consequently Medsafe could not give consent for distribution of the Pfizer vaccine.

Medsafe then referred the application to the MAAC (Medicines Assessment Advisory Committee). The MAAC recommendation to Medsafe was to grant provisional consent despite the lack of clarity around the four points above, because they were happy that data would become clearer over time.

In other words, they were happy to make medical guinea pigs of the NZ population aged 16 and up. Interestingly the identities of the MAAC members has been kept secret despite an OIA request.

Cranmer’s report also delves into the ‘fast and loose’ justification for limiting the right to refuse medical treatment under the Bill of Rights Act, through the government’s mandating of the covid vaccination.

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