Our survey shows a big appetite for political change

Is it just us or is there mood for change?

Not the change that beguiles us every three years when there’s an election – the bribed voter ephemeral change of how much government funding for particular sectors, like education or health, that gives rise to that rhapsodic vehemency from party supporters working hard to convince others how much the country needs what their party is offering!

We’re talking about real, fundamental, fuck yeah, seat-of-the-pants change! The type that entrenches democratic principles for future generations.

Change that makes people turn a hard 90 degrees and face truths we’ve been conditioned to ignore. Conditioned by shiny things triennially waved in front of us, as we practically sleepwalk into whatever future they have planned for us all.

We asked many of you to participate in a survey recently asking, among other things, whether New Zealand should have a written constitution that was supreme law; how you feel about our involvement with the United Nations and about changing our system of government.

A whopping 90% of respondents agreed that New Zealand should have a supreme law written constitution to protect rights and freedoms, with 18% of those respondents giving conditional support. The most common conditions were that the constitution must ensure a minority cannot dictate to the majority, giving the example that if a law was not supported by 65% of MPs it cannot be advanced through Parliament. Others liked the idea of a written constitution to enshrine the rights and freedoms of Kiwis, but wanted to know more of how it would work in practice and the substance of a proposed constitution.

When it came to remaining within the United Nations framework, a similar number of people believe New Zealand has been subverted by a raft of international rules and regulations that can only be remedied by not participating in the globalist agenda. Of respondents, 80% gave full support to leaving the UN, with an additional 9% agreeing with conditions, with most people commenting that they felt New Zealand is losing its sovereign right to carve out its own path. Many people acknowledge that our country must participate with other nations around the world, but that too many international regulations were slowing our country economically. Furthermore, there were too many politicians signing New Zealand up to international agendas that held little water, such as the Climate Change action.

The survey results also showed that overall 95% of people wanted a change in the system of Government, with comments reflecting that the Swiss system – with greater local rule-making and less federal intrusion – should be looked at closely as a future constitutional arrangement.

Equally, 95% of respondents also wanted an end to the government funding of media entities, with the vast majority commenting that the Labour Government’s buying of media companies with a $55 million donation has corrupted the Fourth Estate to a point where it no longer holds elected MPs and Ministers to account.

There is also enthusiastic support for our country to resume oil and gas exploration and extraction, with many respondents concerned at the dismantling of the Marsden Point Oil Refinery. Of those respondents, 86% wanted a resumption of oil and gas exploration.

See our survey results below

We surveyed just over 200 Resistance Kiwi subscribers about how they rate the following topics…



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