Vandana Shiva discusses food industry corruption and farmer protests with Russell Brand

Vandana Shiva is an Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, ecofeminist and anti-globalisation author. She talks with Russell Brand about the Sri Lanken and Dutch farmer protests, the globalist agendas behind centralisation of food production, and how the interconnected consciousness of humans and nature are the premise for successful ecological coexistence. Watch the video:

An initiative to save America from Global Governance

‘What you are witnessing happening in America (and across the world) today is not Communism – it’s Technocracy. The Science of Social Engineering, the centralization of all systems, Science, Technology, Economics and Politics (all power & resources). All systems since the Enlightenment; Liberalism & Capitalism, Communism and Fascism are being merged into a dystopian takeover…

STOP 3 WATERS – Peter Williams – Speaks on behalf of NZ’s Taxpayers’ Union

4 entities, 12 regional representatives, independent selection panels, board of directors and a sub regional advisory panel. Apparently this flow-chart of bureaucracy will ‘improve’ meeting the water needs of all New Zealanders. Hmmm… Full speech given by former radio and TV broadcaster Peter Williams regarding the proposed 3 Waters reform. What it will mean to…

Official State party policy now anti-global governance – America21

The Republican party policy in the State of Montana receives overwhelming support for it’s anti-global governance amendments to the party’s platform, specifically regarding National Sovereignty and Social Engineering. Go to the article: Official State Party Policy Now Anti-Global Governance  

They thought they were free – Brownstone Institute

In this powerful article Joshua Styles comprehensively highlights and compares the tactical similarities of the The Third Reich with those of the Pandemic response. ‘How often have public officials denounced those who question the narrative as “politicizing covid”? “Stop politicizing masks!” “Stop politicizing vaccines!” And those who dissent are demeaned as “science-denying Trump supporters” or…

WHO wants to run the world? – Brownstone Institute


‘If the WHO takes the reins on decisions about what constitutes a health crisis, and can pressure every country into a one-size-fits-all set of responses that it, the WHO, also determines, that’s bad enough. But what about if its invitation to ‘collaborate’ with countries is backed up with teeth, such as sanctions against those who…

Our entire civilisation is structured around keeping us from realising we can do this – ZeroHedge

‘Thousands of protesters outraged by the deteriorating material conditions of the nation’s economic meltdown have stormed the presidential palace of Sri Lanka’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and I guarantee you the aerial footage as they poured into the building en masse has made every government leader and plutocrat a little uncomfortable today.’ Go to article: