“The figures are stark Mr. Deputy Speaker” – UK MP Andrew Bridgen on vaccine harm

UK MP Andrew Bridgen uses the UK Government’s own data to expose more truths about vaccine harm. It is also worth noting the curiously simultaneous departure of nearly all other parliamentary members as he begins his speech.

“What I’m quoting from is the governments own published data. To prevent just one healthy adult aged between 50 to 59 from being hospitalised due to covid, the government’s own data states that 43,600 people need to be given an autumn booster jab. With a serious adverse event rate of 1 in 800, that means that for that group as a result of using mRNA boosters, 55 people could die or be put into hospital with adverse side effects to prevent 1 single case of covid.

…But the data gets worse, because to prevent severe hospitalisation from Covid 19 the numbers needed to be boostered become astronomical. I would suggest that this is the real benchmark for comparison with the risk of death or serious adverse events from the boosters themselves. So the Government’s own data shows for healthy adults aged 50-59 it was necessary to give 256,400 booster jabs to prevent just 1 severe hospitalisation, putting 321 people into hospital with a serious side effect from the booster and obviously risk of death. For 40-49 year olds that no increases to 935,000 who need to be boosted to keep one covid patient out of ICU, putting potentially 1,165 people into hospital with serious harms death or disability.”

Yet in the UK, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency) just last week, have decided to stop publicly reporting the yellow card updates of the reported harms of the experimental treatments.

Bridgen also reveals data from Florida, where for 50 years prior to the pandemic, there were never more than 2500 vaccine harms reported to the State Surgeon General per year. In 2021 that number shot up to over 41,000 cases, a surge of over 1600%. Yet the rise in overall vaccine administrations was only 400%. This would appear to prove that relatively, Covid mRNA vaccine harm is disproportionately high.

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