The Million-Man March

It’s been a few months now since the end of Freedom Village on Parliament lawn. No doubt, many of you have been keeping busy catching up on the things that got ignored while you were making sure that our freedoms weren’t confiscated without a fight. February was the biggest civil liberties event in New Zealand in 40 years.

We think it’s time we got together again. To renew our assurances, so to speak. Mingle once again with people who know we need to take our country back from the Globalist Imperialist Agenda.

It is time to get together again!


From Crisis-to-Collapse?
Who will stand NOW?
Who will fight for our country?
Who will fight for our future generations?

We see countries collapsing across the globe, like Sri Lanka. We see grain supplies apparently drying up because of … Russia v Ukraine. Fuel prices and food prices skyrocketing, but wages static.

Everywhere we look, we have crisis after crisis after crisis … There is a “Cost of Living Crisis”, “Health Crisis”, “Housing Crisis”, “Mental Health Crisis”, “Gang Crisis”, “Crime Crisis” … too many crises!

Have we reached maximum crises level?

After crisis, the next level is collapse.

We need to make sure that New Zealand is not next. So we’re marching across this nation, in unison! We can wait no longer!  Our country needs us!

We challenge every man to make a stand, and bring out their families as we take our NZ back again!

Join The Freedom & Rights Coalition and others

– Wellington’s Civic Square
– Auckland Domain
– Christchurch’s Bridge of Remembrance
Saturday 23 July 2022, at 10am
Stand and march!

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