The Albert Park Transbie Apocalypse

By Author: Tessa.

I like to think I’m a fairly open minded person. Up until the riot at Auckland’s #LetWomanSpeak event this weekend, I’d spent a lot of time trying to put myself in the shoes of Trans women in relation to human rights. Because the Covid era – where the stomping on our right to say no to those in power who wished to force something inside our body, otherwise suffer punitive consequences – has lit up that part of my brain forever.

Sometimes I still pretend I don’t live in this clown-world, so I ended up in a place (figuratively) where I considered that listening to the concerns around Trans rights and Women’s rights would be a very worthwhile discussion. You know – both sides of the argument. That old relic.

I then spent all weekend in horror as I poured over the ubiquitous footage of the hysterical shit-fest that unfolded.

It has now been made loud and clear to me: the radicals of the Alphabet Army have taken over. The TQ+ faction have hijacked the ground gained on human rights and tolerance by the LGBs and the latter need to unhitch the toxic TQ+ trailer from dragging their car over the unsocial cliff.

The protection of women’s rights does not have to mean destroying “trans rights”, whatever they are. (Ed – do they have rights other than human rights? Just asking the question.)

If the trans movement continues morphing into a radical ideology that sees a woman being shouted down and physically assaulted, and sees men wanting to protect women, sidelined as “cis white males who cause most of the world’s violence” (according to co-leader of the Green Party Marama Davidson) and if free speech and discussion gets shut down, are there any other options than outright resistance? (Ed – you know we love that word!)

We have to question why they are willing to go to the extremes of DESTROYING anyone who stands in the way of building this new reality they think we must all live in.

We have to question why they are willing to go to the extremes of DESTROYING anyone who stands in the way of building this new reality they think we must all live in. One that we are not allowed to question, or have a debate about, or look at alternatives to.

Watching MSM report that it was an “energetic protest” that had a “jubilant atmosphere”, and on hearing Luxon say that it looked peaceful from what he saw on TV albeit some “intimidation”, gave me the same sense of doom I had when Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “I see no reason to mandate the vaccine” knowing full-well that the language she used was deliberate to keep the door open to do just that.

They’ve obviously missed the large amount of footage of a vile, hate-spewing mob screaming pejoratives like: “Fucking maggot” and “Nazi go home”.

Where men kicked down metal barriers to get closer to her.

The sign calling her a C*nt.

The part where tomato soup was dumped on Kelly Jay’s head.

The part where a 70-year-old woman supporting Kellie-Jay got a black eye for her efforts or an elderly man was trampled.

The part where a middle-aged man protecting Parker received the full weight of Trans performer Trinity Ice via her forearm and elbow to his face.

The part where Police stood back while Kellie-Jay and her security were held captive by the angry mob and only appeared as they exited the grounds. (Ed – hmm, cops definitely MIA.)

The events of the weekend were evidence enough for this Resistance Kiwi to realise the very notion of being a vulnerable minority has been weaponised by an  extreme, woke agenda that is willing to go to war with women.

It’s foot-soldiers are possessed and hysterical, and the people who are supposed to keep this kind of chaos in check – our government, the media and the police – are absent, making excuses for it or totally on board with it. (Ed – what, like, Rainbow cop cars?)

Jack Tame joked on NewstalkZB about Kellie-Jay “having dinner sorted”.

Newshub ran an article where Labour MP Shanan Halbert  exclaimed how proud he was of “our rainbow community and our allies coming together in solidarity with our trans whānau”.

Green Party twitter tag-team Chloe Swarbrick and Golriz Ghahraman are supporting the treatment Kellie-Jay received.

And let’s not forget Wellington Mayor Tory Whānau and Labour Minister Michael “River of Filth” Wood sticking his oar in to stir things up prior to the event expressing how he is against Posie Parker’s “repugnant” views. (Ed – Mike, there’s a whole sector of the Kiwis who know what you mean when you express repugnant views!”)

What does he have against real vaginas I wonder?

The NZ Herald gave perhaps the biggest agitator of the event (also their own columnist) Shaneel Lal, an entire op-ed on the morning of the event, to call for “counter” protestors to the event.

And then we find evidence that good ol’ Sanjana Hattotuwa from the Disinformation Project has been using a Teacher’s Union Conference as his platform to actively incite pushback against “indoctrination”. Yes, Sanjana, it’s WOMEN who believe they should have a penis-free space in which to go to the toilet who are “indoctrinated”. *Eye roll* While Sanjana is fighting the battle for radical collectivism, this Resistance Kiwi wonders if he’s stopped to wonder why Men’s and Women’s toilets got separated to begin with?

Maybe David Icke (World Champion Conspiracy Bingo Player) is right about what he calls the “Transgender Agenda”?

That it has nothing to do with the rights of a vulnerable minority and more to do with cult propaganda, subjugation and confusing the young to believe that becoming some kind of genderless human synth will save humanity from the “tyranny” of the man/woman reality.

You might look twice at this “conspiracy theory” after witnessing the spectacle at Albert Park on Saturday. Kellie-Jay’s presence drew out a new kind of misogyny and fascism from behind a fake pink, blue and white flag in all its unhinged glory. This noticeably young mob say they’re empowered by ‘diversity and inclusivity’ as they shout down and physically assault a woman who doesn’t agree with their demands.

Do these people realise they are acting out the very kind of bullying and authoritarianism they claim to be fighting against? Apparently not. Their stupendous sense of self-righteousness doesn’t let that kind of innate logic get in their way.

Investigative Journalist Jennifer Bilek has for years investigated the origins and alliances within the Trans movement and its ultimate goals for humankind.

She is said to have tracked the corporations and elites who are driving this movement to leverage empathy for the transgender minority in order to convince people that non-participation in the abject reality of two sexes is a virtue.

She discusses the propagandising of children, the deconstruction of reproductive capability, the melding of human biology with machines (think fitbits; Apple watches) and the tilting towards life as a “virtual reality overlay” provided by big tech (think Meta) – all of which seems to be taking humankind down a very dark path of transhumanism.

After the boundaryless hysteria in Auckland this weekend the dark path is no longer that hard to imagine at all.


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Alia Bland (VFF). You’ll need to subscribe  to read the brilliant speech she would have made at the #LetWomenSpeak event.


– Edited 2 April 2023

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  1. Excellent piece, thanks Tessa. Yes to it all.
    As someone else said KJK perhaps lost the battle but won the war…if that means getting this increasingly- deranged trans activism into the living rooms of folks too busy making their way in the world to be usually bothered about the fringe. The fringe has overstepped, big-time, & people who can’t swallow the transwomen- are- women lie, and that’s most, will, with luck, start to push back. KJK articulates the plain truth & the many MPs & media et al who say they’re against that, but were ‘down with the science during covid’, are liars and we all know why.
    (Shanan Halbert’s a dude, lol…have been trying to pin him down on twitter over his shallow remarks but no luck)
    (& it’s plain Albert Park.)

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