Time to send the Epidemiologists packing?

RK is a fan of great leaders. Sir Winston Churchill was one of the greatest leaders ever and was voted the Greatest Briton of the 20th Century. Maybe it was because he followed an important rule:

Scientists should be kept on tap, not on top!

It’s time for this Government to cut loose Michael Baker, Siouxsie Wiles and data modeller Shaun Hendy and replace these people with common sense and respect. Scientists are important but they need to know their place.

The cabal that makes up the Labour Cabinet are taking advice only from one part of the bureaucracy – the Health Ministry. The advisors from Treasury, the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment, or the Ministry for Primary Industries might as well be talking to a brick wall. Of course the expertise and intelligence within those ministries have been stripped over the last two decades to the point where even they may not be capable of providing intelligent advice. But that’s even if they get an opportunity to speak.

This country is in dire need of leadership in our Parliament and in the bureaucracy. People who can weigh up the different competing risks associated with the ‘Wu Flu’ and make decisions that are good for 100% of the population instead of exclusively for the less than 1% for whom coronavirus is a threat. Leadership that doesn’t threaten to exclude a sector of society based on their health decisions. Leadership that puts faith and trust in the people to make good choices and decisions because those very people are respected by that leadership and not treated like school children.

If this article resonated with you, come and join the resistance

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