About Us

Freedom is Our ‘why’

Resistance Kiwi is dedicated to freedom of thought, open discussion and free speech. 

This website began in 2021 as the resistance to the growing tyranny perpetrated by the over-reaching New Zealand Government against our fellow Kiwis during the Covid pandemic. We support the inalienable human right of the individual to decide for themselves what goes into their body, without reprisal. The last three years have shown up short-falls in our nation – short-falls in our legal structures and in our constitutional systems.

So we have grown our scope from unnecessary Covid vaccine mandates to the current plethora of subsequent policies, ideologies, narratives and other chicanery we see as potentially  threatening the rights, liberties and free will of the people of New Zealand.

We subscribe to, promote and aim to protect freedom principles – freedom of speech, freedom of movement, free to live our lives as we see fit, free to refuse medical treatment without reprisals, freedom from inordinate government interference. Where we see encroachment of these principles, we will criticise and condemn and resist it. And we do this by publishing opinion pieces, commentary, critical analyses and satire on all matters relevant to our evolving or devolving socio-political landscape in New Zealand.

Our country has been through the most tumultuous social period for generations and has changed, perhaps irrevocably. There is a growing number of Kiwis who have been jolted from their comfortable lives enough to question what’s happening around them and look further than the official narrative that is being fed to them.

We don’t claim to be a single source of truth, we simply believe in a movement for truth. And if that means holding a light to widely accepted narratives, then that’s what we’ll do! If it means speculating about alternative possibilities, we’ll do that too! Because finding truth is like panning for gold – if you don’t keep shaking the sand, how will you know if there’s any gold?

We have questions! Was the pandemic response the kick-start needed for the government and world organisations to justify and normalise over-reaching control and surveillance? Why is power and law increasingly being centralised into fewer groups? Is the world really changing as we’re told, or is the language used to describe it changing? Is our country’s sovereignty being traded-in for radical global collectivism? 

Feel free to join us on our journey. Welcome to Resistance Kiwi.

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

– Winston Churchill