National continues Ardern’s subservience to the WEF

Author Holyhekatuiteka.

National is continuing on with Ardern’s subservience to the WEF.

In fact the new high priestess of DEI ESG, the BA qualified Finance Minister Nicola Willis will be speaking at a World Economic Conference in Auckland on the 10th of April.

MBIE has for several years now been producing a blueprint called “The Future of Work in NZ”, which is a template of WEF propaganda.

Coincidentally it’s first appearance was on a piece that [Prime Minister Christopher] Luxon worked on when he was working for Ardern’s Business Advisory Council, back in 2019. In it you will find ‘WEF scoring’ for industries, where future growth will be and where the Govt should be looking to provide training. I bet ya can guess where MBIE/WEF are saying the biggest growth areas are to focus on?

Here’s the list :

  1. Broader Application of ESG (means social credit scores)
  2. Consumer expectations on social issues (means social justice warriors/activists)
  3. Govt Use of Data & Tech (means surveillance, big brother & digital currency)
  4. Climate change mitigation technology (means restriction of resources and movement)
  5. Education & workforce training (means re-education and AI)

Control & Communism is the WEF’s calling card. Oh this report (written Aug 23) also says that the Covid Pandemic will continue transforming work places for the next 5 years.

John Key first got NZ involved with the WEF, sending Bill English to Davos just before he ran out of gas as PM.  Looking through various MBIE documents, that Department is like a miniature version of the WEF, oh but it isn’t.

We have our own what they call “WEF Chapter”. It’s called ‘Chapter Zero’. Quote – ‘Chapter Zero is the research for Climate Change info at the Institute of Directors & is the New Zealand Chapter for The WEF’s Climate Governance Initiative (CGI).

Last year it was Luxon with his mate Dame Therese Walsh (ex AirNZ) who gave the seminar at Chapter Zero, you remember around about that time during the campaign where he said he’d never even heard of the WEF, remember ? If you want to go hear Willis squawk on about “climate change transition finance” and how NZ is planning to jump through imaginary hoops held up by Klaus Schwab, it will cost ya $1025 a seat. If you’re lucky she’ll wear her clown get up – the rainbow DEI skirt she wore at the Big Gay Out. Just pathetic … this encroaching internationalist Communist crap is sooo 2020. They lie to us, we know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, but still they lie.


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