All hail the legendary, good Kiwi businesses!


In the early hours of Saturday 4 December 2021, Radio New Zealand reported on a survey released by Massey University. The 5am news bulletin stated that the survey found that of the nearly 2000 respondents, less than 50% backed the no-jab-no-job policy.

The report continued that nearly 57% of respondents did not support the vaccine mandate policy, saying people should not lose their jobs over their decision to remain unvaccinated.

There are a couple of very interesting things about the report. Firstly,

the actual results as released by the University show that Radio New Zealand seriously misreported the truth.

While “less than 50%” is technically true, the actual result was less than a quarter, with only “23.2% of the participants” who actually agreed that it is a workplace’s right to terminate employees who refuse to get vaccinated. LESS THAN A QUARTER! That leaves around 20% undecided (or more likely, too shit-scared to say). Listen to the RNZ bulletin and download the full Massey University survey.

Secondly. If the results of the survey were known and released in October, why did it take so long to reach the news? And why put the news item to air at 5am on a Saturday morning? (Yes, rhetorical, I know!)

But let’s put that aside and give them the benefit of the doubt that they genuinely weren’t aware of the survey or didn’t get a press statement. The results of the survey won’t be a revelation to any Resistance Kiwis. We know viscerally that most Kiwis reject the Government’s “no jab, no job” segregation policy. It’s just NOT KIWI! We know that to be true, so the results of the survey shouldn’t come as any surprise.

Resistance Kiwi was heartened by the number of legendary business owners who have already come forward since the 3 December Segregation Day and publicly spoken out against the mandates.

Take the Tauranga-based property development company, BGT Developments. Managing Director Brian Gillett wrote to customers and suppliers stating his company would not discriminate between vaccinated and vaccine-free employees or customers. He goes on to say,

“We know freedoms of the individual are inalienable. They cannot be taken away or removed regardless of the threat (perceived or real).”

“If you hold similar views, please let us know so we can continue to support your company and form closer relationships. If your policy is encouraging or enforcing any of the government led mandates … please advise us so we can consider the future between our respective companies.” Read the full letter here.

Then there’s the Lone Star restaurant in New Lynn, Auckland, that won’t discriminate against vaccine free staff or customers. So dozens of people picnicked outside ordering a takeaway meal to support them.

Or Nicole from the Perching Parrot café in Paekakariki, Kapiti Coast, which has been threatened by health officials for her use of a particular anti-discrimination poster. Resistance Kiwi gladly gave her some of ours, and now people are stopping in to support her when they would have previously driven on past. And there are many others – Goodman Contractors Ltd in Waikanae; the famous Lido Café in Wellington; a café in Tarras, Central Otago; cafes in Christchurch, Dunedin, and Invercargill.

These examples of non-compliance against the unjust job mandates and customer discrimination are beacons of hope. There are more who are quietly making a stand and we applaud you.

Resistance Kiwi is proud to stand with our brothers and sisters in the business community who won’t be used by this government to segregate and discriminate against their fellow Kiwis. Those who understand the concept that we are all in this together, whether you’ve chosen to take the vaccine or are vaccine-free. No-one gets left behind!

This is why we fight.

If this article resonated with you, come and join the resistance

4 Responses

  1. Hi there
    I joined Saturday mornings March in Newtown proceeding to Government House.
    The March was empowering; one person who didn’t know about it beforehand even joined in along the way!
    Couple of concerns: chants using offensive language; a few people stopping traffic around the Basin Reserve and one lying down in the way of traffic and then giving an offensive hand gesture to a motorist.
    These were isolated incidents though.
    Please remind people that civil disobedience does mean we should use these expressions of our feelings
    Thanks RK

  2. Love and respect for those standing up for our basic rights. Given I live out in the country its hard and expensive coming into Wellington but I must attend at least one protest to show my solidarity with you in the coming months.

    Its heartening too to hear most Kiwi’s don’t support the dismal no jab no job mandates. After the lock downs and all people have suffered this is the last thing they needed.

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