Anna Anderson – Upper Harbour Local Board

In October this year, everyone of voting age has the opportunity to vote for who they want to represent them on their local city or district council or unitary authority.  We have witnessed the infiltration of the nonsensical climate change political green agenda into our councils nationwide, to the point where too many councillors around the country want to spend ratepayers money on cycle lanes and removing car parks than focusing on the important infrastructure that is breaking down. This year’s local body elections are very important as it marks the beginning of positive change, as more and more people are waking up to idiocy that has been plaguing the councils around our nation. Enough is enough. So we’re going to profile people who understand and acknowledge that our country cannot continue the way it’s been going and are willing to step up and take a stand. Long may it continue.


Anna Anderson is standing for the Upper Harbour Board. She has lived in the area for 26 years having built a house and raised her children there, and is a volunteer Waterwise instructor. She has recently joined Hospice North Shore to help care for others and currently works part-time as an office administrator.

Anna is extremely passionate about community democracy and believes that engagement of the public in decision-making is the cornerstone of a healthy local body board. She believes that consultation with residents where anything new is proposed and would impact on people’s daily lives, such as separators on Upper Harbour Drive, is hugely important.

She further considers that emails should be sent to ratepayers in this area who want to know when the next council meeting is and what is being discussed and on the agenda – something that shouldn’t be difficult to achieve if she’s elected, and would certainly improve the democratic process.

She would like to see fewer traffic lights and more roundabouts in the area, not to mention more fruit trees in the parks. Anna takes an active role in the local community through the Greenhithe Primary School, Kindergarten and Play Centre, as well as the local Soccer Club.

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