BBNJ Agreement–Labour pushes globalist ideology without mandate

Nanaia Mahuta signs BBNJ

Dying government rushes to bind future governments to global compact.

Labour wants the globalists in charge of the High Seas.

Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta to sign UN international agreement despite Parliament having risen for the election

With only two weeks before early voting begins in the election, the corrupt New Zealand Labour Party continues to push its ideology onto the country. The Minister will no doubt argue that she’s still the Minister and carrying out her duties. But in doing so, she is breaking the long-held convention of caretaker government.

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs has participated in the development of the BBNJ Treaty for around a decade and the final text was approved in March this year. The new treaty, which regulates activity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (the High Seas, outside of the Exclusive Economic Zone), is today (21 September NZ time) open for signing at the United Nations building in New York.

The Labour Party knows, that after three years of decimating our country’s economy, legislating for social and racial division, and creating two classes of people, it is facing an election defeat from which it possibly may never recover.

The signing of the BBNJ (Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction) agreement is Labour’s last ditch attempt to ensure the globalist ideology continues to bind our country.

We doubt National-ACT will reverse this corrupt decision by the government.

These globalist politicians do not care about our country’s economic and democratic sovereignty. On the advice of Ministry of Foreign Affairs bureaucrats (we’ll get to them later), the Minister is prepared to sign up our country to this controversial agreement without any debate in the New Zealand public. This agreement has been through the usual so-called “stakeholder consultation” by the Ministry, but there was never any doubt what it wanted to do: MFAT played an active role in developing this agreement.

In a media statement yesterday, the Rt Hon Winston Peters (the ONLY politician raising this as an election issue) said: “The caretaker convention has always been that these matters the Foreign Minister is engaged in, should be left to the next government to deal with. Minister Mahuta claims to be doing this on behalf of “Aotearoa New Zealand”, which to begin with is not our country’s name.  What she omitted to explain was why she is signing this agreement now, this close to an election, when this agreement is open for signature in New York for the next two years.”

This agreement only opened today for signing and is available to be ratified OVER THE NEXT TWO YEARS! What’s the rush? Well, we all know the rush: a dying government wants to bind future governments to the globalist agenda. That is what we are fighting against.

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