Breath-taking unsubstantiated accusations and misinformation disseminated by RNZ about Freedom Movement

Chantelle Baker comments on a recent and damaging RNZ interview with security expert – Paul Buchanan.

Interviewing people who have no discernable evidence for the claims they are making seems to be a-OK for the country’s most trusted News & Media outlet (and state-funded) Radio New Zealand.

Last week they allowed security expert Paul Buchanan ramble on for a good 4 minutes, in which he tenuously but emphatically accuses “members of the anti-vax movement” as “most likely” being behind a spate of hoax school-bomb-threats. He goes on to throw about inflammatory terms in relation to the freedom movement such as “violent extremists” having “evil intent”.

We’ve provided links of the latter here, here and here as examples of what we think he may be referring to so you can learn to identify these terrible and dangerous incels.

All joking aside, this interview constitutes the most gratuitous and nonsensical example of gaslighting of the freedom movement we’ve witnessed since the River of Filth diatribe by Michael Wood.

The only ‘extremism’ we see going on here is Buchanan’s egregious augmentation of the facts, and RNZ’s utter negligence in delivering it into the public consciousness as ‘News’.

You can view Chantelle’s commentary below and listen to the full RNZ propaganda here.


Watch the video:






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