ClownCo Ltd Tip Kiwis’ Cash into Asian Swamps

Author: Mysteron.

Not content with blowing an eye-watering amount of New Zealanders’ hard-earned dosh on an unused ten-year supply of Covid RAT tests, the clowns in charge have thrown nearly $19m into Asian swamps “at risk of climate change”.

You can read all about it here.

This Resistance Kiwi suspects that the cash donation is more about sustaining Mahuta’s ‘habitat’ than climate change, but regardless, why is our country, which has been greatly impoverished by six years of Communist profligacy, giving money to Asia?

I’m sure that the homeless in Wellington – many of whom are Māori, will be thanking Mahuta for saving them from a warming climate as they spend the evening kipping on the footpath on a freezing evening.

The $19m down the toilet isn’t the worst part, though. It’s a tiny dribble of the vast amount being pissed away by ClownCo Ltd; otherwise known as the New Zealand Labour Party.

“The funding comes from New Zealand’s 2021 $1.3 billion climate finance fund which included climate action in South and South East Asia as a priority, Mahuta said.”

So… there’s a cool $1.3 BILLION that Robbo the Fat Controller has borrowed to blow on improving the welfare of everyone but New Zealanders. That kind of money could go to training and retaining more health workers, for a start. Or improving the goat tracks jokingly designated as state highways.

New Zealanders’ money should be spent for the benefit of New Zealanders. Asian swamps don’t fall into that category. If ClownCo Ltd must persist with The Big Lie that we’re all going to drown because of climate change, they should at least spend our money on mitigation measures that benefit us.

It honestly beggars belief. But would Weasel Seymour or Nude Nut bin the fund? This Resistance Kiwi doubts it.

PS: Add $4 million to the Ukraine, $11 million to Afghanistan, and $15.6 million to Indonesia to help with Geothermal Energy. Labour should perhaps rebrand their party ‘NZ Last’.

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