Covid Conspiracy Theory Not Such a Theory After All

Dear New Zealand,

If this doesn’t wake you up to the level of corruption that can and is being perpetrated on a global scale, nothing will.

A bombshell was delivered to the world via The Australian newspaper this week. As the headline to the article Covid cover-up: how the science was silenced suggests, it looks like the conspiracy theorists were right about top level corporate interests suppressing the truth and manipulating scientific information. Which begs the question – if we have been lied to on a scale this grand, what else could be covered up and manipulated?

In his excellent Report, Dr. Guy Hatchard states:

If we had known that Covid was an engineered pathogen, we would have recognised that concerns about Covid vaccine safety were legitimate.

New Zealand was misled by the US administration. The lesson here is very clear. New Zealand must be more circumspect to scrutinise the health information supplied to our nation from nations and institutions that are clearly tied to commercial endeavours seeking to profit from actions and policy decisions resulting from this information. This includes information received from the WHO, ICMRA, FDA, CDC, WEF, and possibly through Five Eyes. It is now clear that some information we received during the pandemic from these sources was unreliable. False and/or misleading information was received at multiple levels of government including Medsafe, the PM’s office, and probably our intelligence organisations. Yet New Zealand adopted a trusting perspective and vigorously acted upon it, possibly more stringently than other nations. The result has not just been policy missteps, but high rates of vaccine injuryexcess deaths, economic hardship and lasting social division.

There is no doubt that PM Jacinda Ardern curated misplaced trust in foreign official sources. We now know these sources were editing scientific dialogue and results to suit commercial and geopolitical agendas.

Read Dr. Guy Hatchard’s full article here:


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  1. Interesting, to see that the Covid Pandemic scam, is now proving that it was in fact, a man-made virus that was released, as a de-population weapon, for world dominance and control, used by, bought and paid for, by the Global Cabal, WEF/UN/WHO, and the other members of the ‘EXCLUSIVE CLUB’ for the elite. This current lot, masquerading as politicians, will be booted out, in a week or two, and are going to be ‘held accountable’ for the deaths and accidents caused by the mandated lockdowns, and forced vaccination of KIWIS, by a LETHAL BIO-WEAPON. The evidence, that will prove this, will soon arrive with the force of a Tsunami, when the public see the PFIZER CONTRACT, that has been held without public knowledge. The NZ Government, know about this, and are hoping to escape, hence, all the recent resignations of top ministers in this current government, as well as the late missing PM. She ‘jumped ship’ because she could see the writing on the wall….. She hasn’t been seen since. If our nation is to be SAVED, this current lot have to be voted out !!!

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