Dean McNamara – Tasman District Council Candidate

In October this year, everyone of voting age has the opportunity to vote for who they want to represent them on their local city or district council or unitary authority.  We have witnessed the infiltration of the nonsensical climate change political green agenda into our councils nationwide, to the point where too many councillors around the country want to spend ratepayers money on cycle lanes and removing car parks than focusing on the important infrastructure that is breaking down. This year’s local body elections are very important as it marks the beginning of positive change, as more and more people are waking up to idiocy that has been plaguing the councils around our nation. Enough is enough. So we’re going to profile people who understand and acknowledge that our country cannot continue the way it’s been going and are willing to step up and take a stand. Long may it continue.

Dean McNamara

Dean McNamara was born and raised in the Tasman area. He is a fifth generation Kiwi and so has a long history with the Nelson region. Dean is currently a councillor on the Tasman District council representing the Moutere-Waimea ward.

A father of two, Dean is a business owner, and through his Rural Courier, an independent courier business that operated from Nelson to Tapawera and down to Murchison, and tree-trimming business he owned, Dean says he met many people throughout the district and learnt of the affects that council plans and decisions were having on their everyday lives.

That gave him the impetus to run for the local Tasman District Council, where he campaigned to bring common-sense policies to the council table and to make lives easier and more affordable to the region’s ratepayers.

Dean is running for his third electoral term as a councillor. He is also making a run at central politics next year, with New Nation Party.

The New Nation Party quotes Dean McNamara as saying: “The time is right, it is a one shot, now-or-never moment in New Zealand politics. If we don’t get the election right this time then my children will never fully experience the New Zealand I grew up in, and I dread to think what future might lie in store for their children.”

With his local Government experience and wide-ranging business background, Dean knows how the region functions and the issues faced by most industries. He says that as a councillor, he works to represent everyone in the Tasman District regardless of their politics. Standing up for the people of the Nelson region is what’s important, he says.

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