DING DONG ARDERN IS GONE! But what of her legacy?

Ardern resigns

Guest Author: Shaun.

The Red Queen’s tyrannical reign has finally come to an end. It’s taken almost six years to get to this point, but we got there!

The government that Ardern has presided over must surely go down in New Zealand history as one of our most divisive and incompetent ever.

Profligate spending, pandering to tribal Māori interests, multiple policy failures and an economy in the fastest freefall not seen in generations. On the positive side, the Labour front bench was the most diverse ever, so we can forget the theft of assets and legacy of debt for future generations and celebrate the elevation of one’s colour, sex and sexual orientation over intellect and capability!

Ardern was a career politician. Even from an early age she was marked for politics. And like most neo-communists in the Labour and Green parties, Ardern had never previously had a job that served any real purpose or produced anything of value to our economy. She made a fairy-tale ascent to become the destroyer of a nation: from part-time fish and chip wrapper, Tony Blair and Helen Clark lackey and president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, she earned herself the moniker “Jacindarella” from the Economist magazine, another woke, politically correct media outlet.

Other mainstream media gushed over her toothy smile, ability to appear empathetic using a patented animatronic head tilt and frowny face, and her willingness to use her daughter to distract the public’s attention from the numerous lies, failures and Bill of Rights abuses characterising her time at the helm of the SS Aoteazuela.

If being aspirational is infinitely more important than actually delivering on one’s promises, she and her government can rest assured they’ve been an unparalleled success. It’s an impressive list of let-downs for our fellow Kiwis. A nomenclature of notoriety. Let’s take a look at just some of the highlights.

Great Policy Failures
  • Kiwibuild
  • Housing affordability
  • Light rail
  • Mental health
  • Child poverty
  • Auckland cycle bridge
  • Reducing immigration (achieved recently by making the country so unappealing no one wants to migrate here)
  • Capital gains tax
  • Increased funding for breast screening
  • One billion trees programme
General Failures
  • Controlling gangs and crime as machete wielding young criminals rob dairies and liquor outlets and ram-raid Michael Hill Jeweller stores
  • Causing a huge spike in inflation where people can’t meet mortgage payments
  • Ihumatao – a shrine to Labour’s belief against property rights
  • Attempting to pick Kiwisavers’ pockets through GST on fund service fees
  • Hospital and healthcare in ruins, A&E waiting time blowouts and the untimely death of a woman as a result
  • School truancy rates exploding and plummeting literacy. School attendance for students in 2022 running at 67% (On the plus side, those kids are probably better off rejecting the woke mind control.)
  • Emergency housing and homelessness blowout
  • Increasing unemployment with concomitant worker shortage, hospitals short on nurses and doctors who were mandated out of their jobs for refusing vaccination
  • Printing $61.5 billion for Covid response
  • No mandatory vaccination
  • No new taxes (Auckland regional fuel tax)
  • Availability of fog cannons
  • Covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective
  • Border staff are being regularly tested for Covid
  • State housing sell-off would end
  • That she didn’t email Derek Handley
  • That vaccine mandates have been lifted
  • That the women who entered Northland during a lockdown did so illegally
  • That a KFC worker who contracted Covid was required to self isolate
Abuses and horrors:
  • MIQ preventing New Zealanders from returning home, including a pregnant Kiwi journalist Charlotte Bellis who received more help and sympathy from the Taliban in Afghanistan than our own government
  • All (Three) Waters and the attempted entrenchment thereof
  • Race-based separation of the health system
  • Vaccine passes and State sanctioning of “two classes of people”
  • Mask mandates
  • Vaccine mandates
  • Encouraging people to snitch on their neighbours
  • Keeping NZrs out of their own country, even if their relatives here were on their death bed
  • Excess all cause deaths are still running 15% above the long term trends, and it is not Covid.
  • Failure to engage with protesters who came to Wellington to meet her in February 2022, and the subsequent brutalisation thereof
  • Australian’s Rebel News frontman Avi Yemeni illegally denied entry into New Zealand
  • Imposing an illegal, nationwide lockdown, then hastily passing legislation to make it legal
  • Knee-jerk gun law changes after the Christchurch mosque shootings
  • Emissions taxes and the economic raping of our agriculture sector
  • Bullying and lies against Labour MP Guarav Sharma
  • Inaction and failure to bring to justice perpetrators of a sexual assault at a Labour Party youth camp
  • Mallard parliamentary staff member rape accusation and subsequent taxpayer-funded pay-out of damages and legal fees
  • Initiates Facebook discussion of vaccine adverse events but hastily deletes it after tidal wave of responses
  • Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill
  • Creating and funding The Disinformation Project, an spy organisation set up to legitimise that the everyday people who protest your policies are “violent extremists”
  • Re-imposition of the blasphemy law (hate speech legislation)
  • Development of a central bank digital currency – Oh, it’s coming people!
  • Taxpayer support for the corrupt puppet and CIA-installed Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy
  • Richie Hardcore and Karel Sroubek
  • Tying to convince the population that the government should be “the single source of truth”
  • Permitting Michael Wood to make his “River of Filth” comments about protestors
  • Michael Wood
  • Public Interest Journalism Fund
  • Publishing “Know the Signs”, a guide for identifying signs of violent extremism
  • Captain’s call on oil and gas exploration
  • UN speech on mis/disinformation
  • Using Harvard speech as a vehicle to dehumanise and ridicule people with opinions you dislike

Quite a legacy! We should all be eternally grateful that her government’s ineptitude extended to actually not being able to get policies over the line or the list of un-achievements could have been so much longer.

The timing of her departure will spare her from suffering an ignominious pounding at the polls in the next election. No self-respecting narcissist wants to fall from the dizzying heights of national tyranny and world adulation to yesterday’s fish and chip wrappings.

Illustration by Garrick Tremain

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  1. Great article! Quite a spectacular list of epic failures. Let’s not forget trying to reorganise the health system while adding to the chaos bt refusing to let unjabbed healthcare workers back.

    Two other horrors:
    Legislating abortion up to birth and leaving the elderly to die alone during lockdowns.

  2. Putting in placeTherapeutics Products Regulatory Regime legislation … end of availability of Immune-boosting Vitamin C, Vitamin D etc … only pharmaceuticL synthetics available, making money for the giants, central control of the nations health or imposing its opposite by regulation

  3. Causing the most unbelievable heartbreaking division and breakdown of families and other relationships, through coercion, fear-mongering and blatant (paid by that $61 billion) BRIBERY of her people to take that jab and turning those who refused and like to knit and grow their own food into terrorists. Unforgivable.

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