Grant Robertson condoned sprinkler prank

The churlish pranks by the Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard in the first week of Profest22 (Camp Freedom) were not just of his own volition, but it appears were also condoned by Grant Robertson.

On Friday 11 February,  Trev turned on the sprinklers of the Parliamentary lawn either hoping that it would make the protesters pack up and leave or just get them all wet and pissed off. RK has no doubt it was the latter he wanted to achieve.

But what happens when you have a huge number of skilled tradespeople who’ve lost their jobs – such as plumbers, drain layers, even firefighters – who are on the grounds? They jump into action, that’s what. Drains were dug to channel the water to the gutter, bottles were fashioned to slot over the top of the sprinklers and hoses attached to take the water out.

Trevor Mallard

Then there’s the incessant rubbish being played through the loudspeakers on Parliament’s balcony. A tactic used during interrogation and torture routines and which came to light during the US’ so-called War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

An email has been passed to RK that went out to all the apartment owners in the Kate Sheppard Apartments across the road facing Parliament. This email clearly shows that it’s not only Trevor Mallard (the turd of a human being that he is), but also Grant Robertson behind the Government’s childish manoeuvres. And if Grant is involved, then Jacinda is involved.

Now are you convinced of the people who are representing our country? They’re all in this together. They’ve all got to be removed.

Vive la Résistance!

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