Former PM of Australia – How The Great Reset is capturing our politics

Former AU PM Tony Abbott

More and more people are wising up to the agenda of highly influential organisation The World Economic Forum (WEF) and it’s agenda to bring in global governance via The Great Reset:

‘To people with a definite agenda, every crisis has the potential to advance it. For forty years now, the World Economic Forum President, Professor Klaus Schwab, has marketed his annual Davos gathering as a chance to address the key-crisis-of-the-moment, invariably through intensified global elite networking and more joined-up government. Naturally, he seized upon the pandemic as a golden opportunity to push for a more comprehensive version of the health-industrial state that so readily took over people’s daily lives in order to protect us from an illness which people under seventy had a 99.9 per cent chance of surviving.’ ~Tony Abbott.

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How the Great Reset is Capturing our Politics


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