New Zealand is ‘over the cliff’ – Rodney Hide on our socio-political landscape

Leighton Smith Barry Brill Climate Crisis

In Leighton Smith’s Podcast 188, former Act Party leader Rodney Hide speaks on the weaponisation of experts, race hustling, climate change propaganda, the education system’s deliberate dumbing down of children and mob-rules politics.

‘The New Zealand Parliament has become what we feared under MMP and that it’s now not a House of Representatives – as it is in our constitutional makeup with electorate MPs who represent a specific community – it has become a House of Party Representatives. So every MP is beholden first and foremost to the party and the party’s views, not their electorate.

…you have a party machine nominally run by the party leader and the party president and board, but more particularly run by back-room functionaries that we don’t even know the names of. They dictate what a party position is and that’s what happened to dear Maureen Pugh. When I saw that what we have is a [opposition] party that has got the policies of the authoritarian left and the tactics that are straight out of a dictator’s playbook, [I realised] I can’t look to politics to reverse the situation that we find ourselves in, in New Zealand.”

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Leighton Smith Barry Brill Climate Crisis

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