NZ Govt makes 11,000 secret exemptions amid ruthless enforcement upon the rest of NZ

An Official Information Act (OIA) request has revealed 11,000 vaccine exemptions were secretly allowed by the NZ government, while the rest of the New Zealand population was being coerced, shamed, bribed and gaslit into a government-mandated medical procedure, with no long-term data.

So why were 11,000 health sector staff secretly exempted? Were they worried about endangering the frontline capacity of essential staff in the face of the Pandemic? Surely not, as we were routinely drilled with the “safe & effective” mantra by every media outlet in the country, (well, the government funded ones anyway). Ashley Bloomfield ruthlessly turned down exemption requests, even for people who had suffered severe adverse effects from the first Covid shot, such was the unrelenting push to get a needle into every arm.

The insidiously secretive nature of this finding has caught the attention of New Zealand’s former Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon Winston Peters who has made it one of his election promises – along with a full, independent Covid Inquiry – to delve into the cause of such hypocrisy by the current government. When Stuff News fact-checked Winston’s account during the multi-party election debate they found it to be “not without evidence”. In other words, pretty much FACT!

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Secret Deals Made for 11,000 Jab Exemptions


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