Only 1/3 of reported Covid hospitalisations are because of Covid

Covid Hospitalisations

Back in March this flash of truth appeared amid the usual deluge of covid-related STUFF news. Another way to look at this admission is: the stats for covid hospitalisations – relentlessly reported to remind us to keep going along with The State’s pandemic regime – have been exaggerated by 200% !

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  1. Hospitals in N.Z are not the places that you should go to, now that the Communist /socialist government have turned our hospital system, into something like a communist run gulag, in NTH. KOREA, or CHINA. The hospitals are now data collection agencies, while just last week, there was a cyber attack, on medical data records ?? Sounds more like similar attacks that were carried out in STAZI controlled East Germany, under the communist system after the 2nd world war. The whole operation, with the rearranged hospital system, which is now being transferred into a medical hospital tracking stazi system, for tracking peoples movements and medical data. This is just another system that will be used by the surveillance state tracking system, being ushered in over the Western world, just another control UN/WEF/CFR tracking system, another brick in the wall !! Hospitals can now, not be trusted, this operation is not about public health.

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