The lunatics fuelling fear in New Zealand

By Author: Mysteron. 

Once again Dr. Sanjana Hattotuwa of The Disinformation Project proves that being a loon and having a doctorate are not mutually exclusive.

In the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle the Mainstream Muppets and their prescribed expert Sanjana Hattotuwa attempt to whip up another frenzy about disinformation. Watch OneNews interview here.

Apparently, freedom groups (a category we at RK consider ourselves part of) have switched focus from resisting the government’s draconian Covid measures to “extreme climate change denial”. Evidently the switch is a “sophisticated, strategic one at that.”

Resistance Kiwi has always been about opposing government overreach – in particular by this government, which has proven itself only too ready to destroy the Kiwi lifestyle as we know it.

We don’t deny climate change – the climate has always been changing, and at periods before now was considerably warmer. What caused that? Dinosaur farts? We, like many, question “the fact” that humans play a significant part in such changes, and in particular New Zealanders.  But hey, who would know the full story on climate change in NZ when NIWA have been found not reporting the full story for quite some time?

Sanjana clearly supports the government and woke society in their attack on farming in the name of the “global warming/climate change/climate emergency/extreme climate change” hyperbole. Or more correctly – the push for more control by the State over our lives.

Resistance to ridiculous, overbearing measures that impoverish New Zealanders for no benefit other than “feelz” for the watermelons in the Labour/Green and unfortunately National camps doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Apparently we deniers and conspiracists are also following a “foreign script”, or at least that is what we at Resistance Kiwi ascertain that Sanjana is saying, without the benefit of subtitles. Crikey, and he’s the one calling us conspiracy theorists! Sanjana’s obviously been sniffing the permanent marker again.

We conspiracists have also supposedly been “emboldened by our success during the pandemic”. The reality is that we were already hopping mad and remain so.

The Covid response has lit a fire under many posteriors and the government and their nitwit fellow travellers in “the opposition” just keep pumping on more petrol. It has become only too obvious that a) we’re being ruled, not governed; and b) that the rule is not for the benefit of New Zealanders.

We’re not going away until New Zealand is run for New Zealanders, by New Zealanders, and without interference from spin merchants like Sanjana.

Sanjana further attempts to assert that freedom groups are trying to give you, dear Resistance Kiwis, some kind of meaning to your life. (Of course, we’d love to claim that success, and certainly hope that we’re able to provide some hope and support.) At least that’s what we guess he means, as he disappears so far up somewhere unpleasant during his “conblabberation” (you read that word here first) that we almost lost the will to live.

According to Sanjana we’re also instructing you to trust us and no-one else.

That is the complete antithesis of Resistance Kiwi and hopefully the wider freedom movement. We try to provide an alternative viewpoint to that of the MSM through questioning their version of the truth. We believe that adults have something called a brain and can exercise free will, see patterns in information and assess what is a reasonable argument or assumption, versus what is overwrought ideological clap-trap.

If anyone is working from a foreign script, it’s Sanjana – who seems only too happy to assist in the destruction of the New Zealand lifestyle, and to encourage derision and suspicion rather than healing and understanding.

What’s funny is that Sanjana says groups like Resistance Kiwi don’t trust Civil Defence. We have no particular view either way, but can say that the writer’s dear old mum used to be part of Civil Defence in Napier. She resigned in the end because she considered management to be a bunch of bumbling fools. That was perhaps 40 years ago to be fair, but unfortunately, in light of our failing and over-bloated public service, it’s likely that little has changed.

It gets better.

Sanjana says our “minds have been infected”, and the Red Cross, Civil Defence, etc, have no means of dealing with “climate change disinformation”. It’s unclear why such organisations need be concerned with what New Zealanders think. They’re probably already tying themselves in knots on how to meet diversity requirements, so how are they going to find time to combat climate change disinformation too? By further not focusing on their core tasks?

This Resistance Kiwi is left wondering how Sanjana obtained residency in New Zealand, as surely Professional Bullshit Artist isn’t on the skills shortage list. He and the Disinformation Project are toxic entities promoting a pro-government narrative and encouraging the “othering” of those who view the world differently. If anyone is working from a foreign script, it’s Sanjana – who seems only too happy to assist in the destruction of the New Zealand lifestyle, and to encourage derision and suspicion rather than healing and understanding.

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  1. The esteemed doctor was employed by the ‘Centre For Policy Alternatives’ in Sri Lanka, an NGO all about “non-violent Conflict resolution”, “democratic governance”, & the like. He was apparently fired for verbally abusing a female co-worker as well as fiddling his expense account.
    Now armed with a doctorate from the University of Woke in New Zealand, he has become a darling of MSM to spout his rubbish. Maybe his need for frequent showering (see “Web of Chaos) might be to try & wash off his murky past!

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