NZ Banks may turn off finance tap for non-compliant farmers

Farmers bank

Resistance Kiwi has been reliably informed that New Zealand’s leading banking institutions are considering options to “de-bank” farmers who fail to comply with environmental targets. At least one of New Zealand’s banks has emailed staff regarding plans to ‘off-board’ farmers not meeting environmental goals. While the staff member who blew the whistle on this action…

DING DONG ARDERN IS GONE! But what of her legacy?

Ardern resigns

Guest Author: Shaun. The Red Queen’s tyrannical reign has finally come to an end. It’s taken almost six years to get to this point, but we got there! The government that Ardern has presided over must surely go down in New Zealand history as one of our most divisive and incompetent ever. Profligate spending, pandering…

Three Waters contractor taking NZ taxpayers for a ride?

Three waters

By Resistance Kiwi The company contracted to the New Zealand Government to implement the Three Waters IT system for $659 million could bring into the country up to 500 software specialists, mostly from India, between now and mid-2024, a confidential source has revealed to Resistance Kiwi. The US-based software enterprise company, Infor, is contracted to…

State stamps on medical freedom, again

Freedom of choice

In the last week, our country has been made aware of the plight of caring Kiwi parents whose child requires a life-saving operation and who sought blood free of the Pfizer and other Covid-19 vaccinations. They have many offers from unvaccinated people to give blood for testing its suitability to be used in any transfusion….

UN halves it’s Climate Crisis prediction yet MSM remains silent

Leighton Smith Barry Brill Climate Crisis

On the basis of recent science, the U.N. has halved to only 2.5C (previously 5.0C) its prediction of global temperatures for year 2100. Noted climate scientist Dr Judith Curry says “the policy implications of all this is enormous”. In his podcast 182 Leighton Smith discusses the astounding change in climate alarmism with the former NZ…

Blackboxed: New Zealand’s Expensive Management Consultants -The Spectator

‘I increasingly consider that the policy initiatives that ministers are ‘delivering on’ are designed and deployed through institutions whose primary alliances are with actors outside of New Zealand. These actors have multiple conflicts of interest. They’re owned by large institutional interests with problematic political affiliations.’ Go to full article here Blackboxed: New Zealand’s expensive management…

The Revenge of the Malthusians and the Science of Limits – Matthew Ehret


What are the roots of the technocratic and transhumanist policies currently being pushed onto society? In this essay, Matthew Ehret traces two centuries of British imperial grand strategists who adapted Thomas Malthus’ system of scientific governance of useless eaters in opposition to the deeper creative impulses of the human species. Go to Article here

Pfizer did not know whether Covid Vaccine stopped transmission before rollout

If the pharmaceutical product of which the NZ Government mandated the entire population be injected with, was never actually tested to see if it stops the transmission of Covid19, the burning question is – Did they know this before turning the social fabric of this country inside out through their ‘Do-it for-others’ PR campaign? Watch…

WEF has been up front about Great Reset Agenda – Sky News Australia

Sky News host Cory Bernardi says the WEF has been “upfront” about its “agenda” for the public. “WEF founder Klaus Schwab even wrote about it in a book entitled the Great Reset – that’s where you’ll own nothing and be happy,” Mr Bernardi said. “These same leaders celebrate movements that rely on deceit, destruction and…

Lawn falls foul to double whammy of wokedom

lawn falls foul

By Guest Author: Tessa.  Step away from the lawn mower. I repeat, step away from the lawn mower. While 71% of man-made global carbon emissions that make up 3% of all global emissions (the other 97% occur naturally) are produced by 100 companies, and the world’s richest 1% cause double the CO2 emissions of the…