The Slippery Slide into a Social Credit System

Author: Tessa

If there was ever an example of how we are incrementally being manipulated into life controlled by a social credit system, this might be it.

In the latest incarnation of the NZ school curriculum, NZ college students can now earn NCEA credits by undertaking ‘social action’ projects in the community.

You can read all about it here.

While the article’s author is very careful not to directly endorse climate change protests as a good ‘point-scoring’ social action, it is of course implied, as that’s all that’s required to keep the climate hysteria momentum going.

But that’s not all. A complimentary side order of ageism is served up with the article – the condemnation of “old people” who are apparently sacrificing the futures of “young people” on the voting altar every time there’s an election. Divisive much?

This Resistance Kiwi has to wonder if attending rainbow rallies will be a ‘social action’ included in the point-scoring curriculum. Will bonus points be given for punching an “old person” to the ground á la the Albert Park Let Women Speak event?

Of course the article eventually gets to its point which is an “expert’s” (Dr. Bronwyn Wood’s) support of lowering the voting age to 16, because “Kiwi high schoolers are passionate about social causes”. Of course they are. They’re told daily they’re going to be extinct before they’re 40!

It’s a clever tactic – pre-prime young minds into accepting that their moral goodness is a currency; a currency they can earn by performing the types of actions which help entrench a burgeoning technocracy!


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